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AI-Powered Caption Generation

Advanced AI Algorithms: Generate unique and engaging captions effortlessly with our state-of-the-art AI algorithms. High Accuracy: Our AI provides highly accurate and contextually relevant captions for all your media.

Image and Video Support

Image Captioning (Free): Start with our free template that allows you to generate captions for images. Video Captioning (Upgrade Required): Upgrade to unlock powerful video captioning features.

User Authentication and Security

Secure User Authentication: Keep your data safe with our robust user authentication system. Secret Key Management: Built with a secure Buildship workflow to ensure all secret keys remain secure.

Monetization and Paywall

RevenueCat Integration: Easily manage subscriptions and in-app purchases with integrated RevenueCat paywall. Flexible Pricing Plans: Offer your users flexible pricing plans to unlock premium features.

Usage Limits

App automatically calculates credit usage based on api calls and prevents usage once credits are gone.


Easy Customization: Built on FlutterFlow, this app is highly customizable and developer-friendly. App Store Ready: Quickly deploy your app to the App Store with minimal setup.

Why Purchase CaptGen Ai?

Sounds like you’re interested in getting a starter app for your next project in the AI space? Well, you’re in the right place! I’ve taken the liberty to make a fully developed ai app with image and video upload capabilities. It also contains a list of every available api call to OpenAI so that further development and features can be added with ease. The only complaint you may have is that you didn’t find this sooner!

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